07. Jan - 26. Feb 2017

Exhibition 'Your Penumbra'

Exhibition 'Your Penumbra' at Bodø Kunstforening.

The exhibition Your Penumbra involves photography, astronomy and distance and involves stardust photograms, sculptures and videoinstallations.           

The work is based on an happening in 1880 where the young amateur astronomer Henry Draper was the first to photograph the Orion Nebula after spending decades refining his photographic technique and his self built telescopes. For the first time the photograph depicted something that could not be seen with the naked eye. 

The work displays hand printed photograms: a starry sky, hints of nebulas and empty space. The photograms has been created by placing real star dust onto photographic paper before developing them. The images presents themselves as real photographs of starsscapes, and hints towards a disturbing contradiction. 

The video installations shows a slow birth on a nebula and real sound from outer space. 

The exhibition is supported by Arts Council Norway and Arts Council England.