Marianne Bjørnmyr is a Norwegian artist, living and working in Bodø, Norway. Marianne received her MA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2012. In her practice she works with research based photography, concerned around our perception of the photograph’s approach to reality, where the presentation of the photograph is set up against our understanding, interpretation and generated perception of imagery. Through theoretical and practical experimentation around photographic presentation she explores phenomena and visual representation, and the photograph’s role in conveying objects and surroundings is set up against our understanding.

Marianne’s work has been exhibited internationally including Høstutstillingen, Den Nordnorske Kunstutstilling, Daniel Blau’s, Daniel Blau London, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin og Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao. She has published the books An Authentic Relation, Beneath the Salt and Shadows/Echoes, and participated at photobook shows in amongst Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Roma og Wien.

In 2016 Marianne received a two year working grant for artists from the Arts Council Norway, and in 2018 a one year working grant from the Norwegian Visual Artists Fund. Together with Dan Mariner she started Atelier NOUA in Bodø in 2017. 



2012 MA Photography  (with Distinction),  London College of Communication, UK
2007 -2010 BA Photography with Social Anthropology  (First Class Honours),  Roehampton University, London, UK



2017 Shadows/Echoes,  Reykjavik Photography Museum, Reykjavik, Island 

Your Penumbra,  Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø, Norway


2018 Sculptural Photography, Photo City, Understationen, Curated by Trine Stephensen, Copenhagen Photo Festival
2017 Scratch the Surface, Aldama Fabre Gallery, curated by Trine Stephensen, Bilbao, Spain
  Beneath the Salt,  Visningsrommet i Stormen, Bodø, Norway 
  Den 71. Nordnorske kunstutstilling, Nord-Norge, Norway
  Beneath the Salt,  Kulturbadet Galleri, Alstahaug, Norway
2016   From North to South: The Archive as a Connective Map, Curated by Federica Landi and Francesca Marcaccio, Si Fest OFF, Italy
  Shifting Focus,  Kunstquartier Bethanien,  Berlin, Tyskland
  Aether,  Imperial College London, UK
2015   FATHOM Recidency Exhibition,  Four Courners,  London, UK
  Photography: [de]Materialised,  Oxford House,  London, UK
  Exposure,  Format Festival,  Derby, UK
  Den 69. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling,  Bodø Kunstforening,  Bodø, Norway
2014 Høstutstillingen,    The 127th Norwegian State Exhibition,  Oslo, Norway
  Still/Moving,  Dansefestival Barents,  Hammerfest, Norway
2013 Shadows/Echoes,  Bodø, Norway
  Still/Moving,  Small Projects,  Tromsø, Norway
  5 under 30,  Daniel Blau Gallery,  London, UK
2012 A Forming State , London College of Communication,  London, UK
  A World Elsewhere,  Royal Shakespeare Company,  Stratford upon Avon, UK
  Foto8 Summershow,  Foto8 Gallery,  London, UK
  NorskArt,  Frameless Gallery,  London, UK
  Den 66. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling,  Bodø Kunstforening,  Bodø, Norway
2010 Juvenarte,  Galleri Ramfjord,  Oslo, Norway
  AOP Student Award Touring ShowAbbott Mead Vickers, UK
  Free Range,  Truman Brewery -  London, UK
  Norsk Art,  Mavernic Showroom, -  London, UK
  AOP Student Award,  The AOP Gallery, -  London, UK
2009 Juvenarte,  Galleri Ramfjord,  Oslo, Norway
  Photography, Archive and Memory SymposiumRoehampton University, UK
2008 Norsk Art,  Menier Gallery,  London, UK         ​                   ​                 ​                



2017 Offprint,  Tate Modern, London, UK
  Athens Photo Festival
  I Book Show, St. Petersbug, Russia and Brighton, England
2016 Tate Library Collection,   Tate Modern, London, UK
  Ouverage, Archipelago,   Milan, Italy
  Between The Lines,   Archipelago, London, UK
2015 Offprint,   Paris Photo, France
  Archipelago,  Photobook Exhibition,  London, UK
  London Art Book Fair,   Whitechapel Gallery, UK
  Offprint,  Tate Modern, UK
  The Folio Club Gallery,   Barcelona, Spain
  On Landscape #2Rome, Italy
2014 NEPN Photo-Book Market,   Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK
  SCAN Tarragona Festival,   Tarragona, Spain
  Unseen Photo Fair Book market,   Amsterdam, Netherlands
  Vienna Photobook Festival,   Vienna, Switzerland
  On Landscape #1London, UK
  F Book Show,  Tokyo, Japan
  Photobook Library Project,  Dublin, Ireland
2013 E Book Show,  John Hansard Gallery Central,  Southampton, UK         



2018 Norwegian Visual Artists Association, one year working grant
  Nordland County Council, event support, Atelier NOUA
  Norwegian Photographic Fund,  Project support, Atelier NOUA
  Arts Council Norway, Project support, Atelier NOUA
2017 Arts Council Norway, Creative Business Support, Atelier NOUA
  Nordland County Council, event support, Atelier NOUA
  Talent grantSparebank 1 Nord-Norge
  Prix Picted, Nominated
  KulturnæringsstiftelsenSparebank 1 Nord-Norge, culture business support Atelier NOUA
  Bodø kommune, event support Atelier NOUA
2016 The Nowegian State's Exhibition Grant, Statens Utstillingsstipend
  Kulturnæringsstiftelsen, Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge, culture business support Atelier NOUA
  Nordland County Council, Exhibition support

Arts Council Norway,  Publication Grant

The Norwegian States working grant, Statens Kunstnerstipend, 2 years, FFF
  Nordland County Council,   Travel grant
  Artist in Recidence, Træna,  Norway
2015 The Norwegian States artist grant, Diversestipend , NBK
  Fathom Recidency,  Four Corners Film, London, UK
2014 Norwegian Photographic Fund,   Project support
  Norwegian Visual Artists Association,    Project support
  MEAD Fellowship,  Shortlisted
2013 Daniel Blau, 50 under 30,   Winner
  MEAD Fellowship,   Shortlisted
  Norwegian Arts Council,   Visual Arts support
2012 Lise og Arnfinn Hejes fond,  Art Grant
  Jansons Legat,  Main Art Grant
  Luceo Student Project Award,   Finalist
2010 Juvenarte,   Winner First Price
  Photography Book Now,   Honorable Mention
  Roehampton University,  School of Art’s Prize for Photography
  AOP Student Award,   Judge’s Choice
  Bodø Kommunes Kulturstipend,   Art Grant
  Terry O’Neill Award,   Nominated
2009 Juvenarte,   Winner First Price



Beneath the Salt, YONA Editions, Mars 2017
Omstilling, bidrag, Forlaget Utenfor Allfarvei, Mars 2017
An Authentic Relation, YONA Editionsm August 2016
Shadows/Echoes, YONA Editions, December 2013



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2015 -  Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Assosiation of Fine Art Photographers Norway)
2013 - NBK/NNBK (Norwegian Visual Artists)
2013 - 2015 New Creative Markets Programme
2009 - 2010 UKS



2017  Jury member, Den Nordnorske Kunstutstilling 2018
2017 - 2019 Member Curatorial Board, Se Kunst i Nord-Norge
2017 - 2019 Jury member, North Norwegian Visual Artists (Jury leader 18-19)
2016 - 2018 Project Manager, Program for arena development for visual arts, Northern Norway - Se Kunst i Nord-Norge
2016 -  Artist representative, board Bodø Kunstforening