07. Jun - 17. Jun 2018

Sculptural Landscape

Copenhagen Photo Festival - Group exhibition curated by Trine Stephensen

Sculptural Landscapes presents a number of Scandinavian artists who all work with the sculptural and abstract qualities of photography. In their works, they approach the landscape as phenomenon, and we meet both man-made and natural landscapes as well as internal and external landscapes. Here, the landscape is both a universal fact and a personal affair, and the artists’ approach is just as many-faceted. Here we meet works created directly in the camera, but also works that are distorted, faded, twisted and sampled outside of the camera. And the artists do not limit themselves to working within the frame, they challenge the surface of the image itself as they move outside of the frame in spatial installations.

Marianne Bjørnmyr
Adam Jeppesen
Inka og Niclas Lindergard
Miriam Nielsen
Linn Pedersen
Johan Österholm